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My latest piece of work, which I have not finished yet is a still life of a shelf with milk jug and apples. Although in the beginning it didn't quite look like the one in the publication, with the help of my sifu, Ms Aniza, it slowly evolved into a beautiful piece. It sort of 'grew' on me. Rashidah did a painting of luscious pears and plums and Roslina , a bin with a chicken and chicks . Me thinks her house will appear in a local magazine soon, courtesy of our sifu. Good for her, I say.

I have now decided to paint some pieces for sale as I feel I am quite ready. I have, of course, sold a few previously but that was from requests from friends and those that I had learnt as a methodological process in acquiring the necessary skills. It goes without saying that it feels good to be able to sell the artwork which in return brings about full satisfaction!

Today, I started on a picture of children picking blueberries. It portrays a feeling of carefree innocent childhood days and I always see myself in that picture. Hopefully I'll be able to finish it by this weekend and put it here. That's all, not in a very talkative frame of mind today.

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