Stroke work roses

Posted by Lakshmi

A picnic basket with stroked in roses was done in a record time (for me) of one day. I was rather pleased with myself. I find this method of drawing such a breeze, just stroke in the required petals and voila! you have a pretty fancy piece of work. Oh dear, I haven't had the time to put in the pictures and readers are probably wondering what I am talking about!

The problem is, I'm so engrossed in my paintings, what with wanting to do so many different pieces at the same time, that I wish there are extra hours in the day . Right now, as I blog, I have almost completed, but not quite finished, a country themed headboard of kitchen utensils. Also in the same state is another one on spice jars and herb boxes. To top it all, there's another one nearing completion; children picking berries in the field! I'm feeling a bit over-stretched just thinking when I'm going to finish all those.

The fasting month will be starting soon and there'll be less classes to attend. I have now a collection of various pieces of art from flowers to still life that I want to sell off. I simply lack the space in my house to keep them and practically, every week, there's a new one that I want to do. I can't seem to stop! I'm thinking of putting up all these items in my blog for sale.

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