If you want peace, you must work for justice

Posted by Lakshmi

I  heard and read with utter disgust and shame of  what happened   at  the 1 Malaysia seminar organised by the Information Ministry at Malacca.  Since it was a multi-racial seminar with Malaysians of all races attending, I find it hard to believe that the Prime Minister's  Special Aide, of all people,   had uttered those terrible words.  It was a seminar meant to foster unity for Malaysians, for Pete's sake! and what business had  that nincompoop  to spew such vile words  which practically destroyed whatever is left of  the Malaysian fabric ? ( Didn't I  opine earlier that most  Malaysian politicians have failed in their History at school.  )

How could he even  speak at a  government sponsored meeting in such a manner?  Telling the Malaysian Indians that they came to Malaysia as beggars and the Malaysian Chinese as people who came to Malaysia to sell their bodies is really the pits in common decency, if he even had one in the first place! And he had been the PM's special Aide for close to 30 years? 

I really don't know what is happening in our country - unexplained deaths in police custody , political scandals in the print media which are so shameful that I don't read the papers in front of my children, lest they ask me to explain ,  unwarranted temple demolitions,  arson in churches and mosques, political back-stabbings, and now, the creme de la creme, the PM's own Special Aide humiliating the Indians and Chinese of Malaysia, no less! .  We can't  go any lower  than that now, can we?  The Guinness Book of  World  Records pales in comparison to what we are achieving now.  Malaysia is now known throughout the world for all the wrong reasons.  From the New York Times  in the West to the Asian Wall Street Journal in the East, we are gaining a reputation in infamy. 

I want to ask the b*****  idiot - what is so wrong about living together in peace in  Malaysia and being a true Malaysian, in  the real sense of the word?  Why must they always keep saying things which are so hurtful and destructive   that it divides  us along race and ethnic at every corner we take  ? .  Does speaking like that make him a better person or gained him anything, except our scorn , anger and disgust?  I would surely have socked him good and proper if I had been there.   It's a real pity that I wasn't attending!

Just this evening, my 15 year old son listened to the 8 o"clock prime news in NTV 7 and asked me to explain what the furore was all about .  What would I say  to an  impressionable 15 year old teenager who attends a national school and all his best friends are Malays?  

You tell me...................

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