I Finally Did It

Posted by Lakshmi

3 May 2010

I finally managed to learn, after a long and arduous process, how to download the pictures on my blog.  It really tested my patience as well as my daughter's  for I had to write down every click and step on an exercise book so that I would  not have to ask her again ( beg her again, more likely ! ).

At times like these, I feel so ancient and obsolete .  My kids keep saying, ( when asking to repeat the steps a bit more slowly ) how easy it is and   " Oh, Mummy, it's so difficult to teach these things, you know, even a 10 year old can learn this  in a minute ".  And all I could say to hide my inability at moments like this is "  Oh yeah? A ten year is supposed to shut up and listen to her Mummy, not make  smart alec comments !. God !. it's soooooo   frustrating at times to be a parent.................

Kids always thinks they are smarter than their parents, don't they ?

Anyway, below are some of the pictures that I clicked away at my good friend and ' art terrorist ' Rashidah's house.  As I wrote earlier, the batteries couldn't handle her brilliant artwork and most of them couldn't be seen clearly, except for  2 or 3.......

The pictures don't do much justice to her beautiful work.  Rashidah dear, so sorry for the  amateurish pictures. Hope to see you again and take more pics...... This time, you click for me ya ?


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