The Rose Mailbox and Mrs Teh's stool

Posted by Lakshmi

Monday, 31 May 2010

This is the picture of the galvanised white mail box with roses as done by Sue of TeratakAntique in my class. Very eye-catching, cheery and colourful.

This picture below was done by Mrs Teh, whom I met at Aniza's class.  It's a cute stool and the vegetable and  gardener motif was too good not to put it  in my blog for others to see.  Mrs Teh was quite happy to let me take pictures and I did tell her that I'd upload it in my blog ....  incidently, it hasn't been completed yet but I simply couldn't resist.........

Happy painting


4 Responses to The Rose Mailbox and Mrs Teh's stool

  1. Jennifer Atkinson's Folkart Affair

    I love the stool!

  2. Country Arts

    Its a real work of art, isn't it?


  3. Jennifer Atkinson's Folkart Affair

    Yes it is.I love your pieces too. By the way if you ever want any books I usually get a few extra when I get them from the US and place them on sale for RM40 each on my blog compared to RM70 to RM80 that they are sold for by most places here.

  4. Country Arts

    Sure, Jen, that would be great. Do you have any good ones at the moment ?


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