A Mind Boggling Week with a MInd Boggling Story

Posted by Lakshmi

 Saturday, 22 May 2010

The last few days had been very packed and it was compounded by my computer having a downtime.  It's the weirdest thing, when my kids use the PC, its in tip top condition but when I finally find the time late at night to do my thingy, it just goes kaput !    Believe it or not, I had just finished typing my latest  blog detail when the whole blighted page disappeared ! Urgghh, it's just too much to take...........

On the family side, my husband was not too happy with the Thomas Cup results and kept screaming at the players - armchair critics usually go hyper and my husband was no exception.... (sigh) not a great way to have started the week,  he's not a great fan of Lin Dan, for sure........

(Without prejudice )

On the local news, I fell off my chair when I read about our infamous lawmaker and lawbreaker MP Bung Mokthar and his polygamous rendevous with a local starlet ,Zizie Ezette ( phew, what a name !) The picture of him plastered all over the local dailies showed him in his ever arrogant self  with a nauseating publicity seeking smile which  made me puke......................., really bad.   Honestly, I don't , for the life of me, understand how his constituency voted  him to be their MP.  Geez, they must  have voted  when there was an electricity shortage and everything was pitch black......................

That brazen uncouth lout was fully aware that he had broken the law when he entered into a polygamous marriage and his  " I'm an MP and no one can touch me "  look was so obvious.  His equally infamous and polygamous Zizie Ezette 's smile matched his perfectly .......... what a pair !

The most hilarious comment  came from the  Syariah Judge and I quote the STAR "  They have many fans.  Both are icons "   Duh ?  Icons ?  It's laughable... the Judge obviously  didn't understand the meaning of the word .  And to make it worse, his sentencing of the MP  to 1 month's jail was considered    meting out strict punishment .  Let me get this right,  you wreck the lives of two existing families/ kids included, all  in the name of lust, you are an MP elected and paid for by the public at large,   you took an oath in Parliament to uphold the law of the country yet you willfully defy  the law to suit your own circumstances,  and the presiding judge calls you an icon .... hello,  am I missing something here.................?

Of course, our ever 'crusading ' Women Family N Community Development Minister Shahrizat Jalil had to have her  2 cents worth of " hailed the judgment as a huge moral victory for long suffering first wives " crap of a speech. ( STAR 20 May 2010

At times like this, I just wish that my good friend, Tengku Norashikin could have a heart to heart talk with the Minister and explain to the honourable Women, Family N Community Dev Minister, what a woman's family and her dignity is all about.

Over to you Shikin.......................

 Ps: As readers would know by now, this is written from the viewpoint of a woman, a wife and a mother.

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