The "Awful" Teacher

Posted by Lakshmi

Saturday, 5  June 2010

Ha, ha,  don't think that the 'awful teacher' is me.  It's the guy /male teacher, who was recently in the papers for the most awful indecent statement he made.  ( That's my opinion, of course ) .  I cringed in embarrassment when I read it and still do when I think of it. Fancy telling the whole world the intimacy of your married life and have it published in the dailies!.  Why, even his students and family members would be blushing . Why in the world did this teacher had to say such remarks during an interview  as a recipient for the " Tokok Nilam Award" ? ( state-initiated award to honour a teacher who has managed outstanding achievements in education ).

(for all those who are blinking uncontrollably, please go to: 

dated 31 May, 2010, captioned :Award-winning teacher’s secret – reading and S**.

You could also go to blogger at               article dated 1 June 2010 and read a funnier take on this article heading.

Honestly speaking, I've nothing  personal against him.   He must really have been a fine and dedicated teacher to have been honoured with such an  award.  It's only that,( maybe I'm from the  old school ) I find his expose of his private  conjugal obligations and duties  to the entire  public realm , highly  offensive, repulsive  and ungentlemanly.  All the more because he is a teacher, for goodness sake ! There are so many things he could have said when getting  the award except that..............

What happened to chivalry and decorum and good old fashioned manners ? You simply don't go about telling all and sundry what you do or not do in your privacy of your  boudoir.  It's simply too much to swallow  .

It was Samuel Goldwyn ( of MGM)  who said famously " I seriously object to seeing on the screen what belongs to the bedroom"  . Well, I'd like to modify his text a  wee bit and say " I seriously object to hearing in public  what should be discussed in your  bedroom "

Objections, anyone ?


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