Intan's Tray Project

Posted by Lakshmi

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

School term has started and it is back to classes as usual after the somewhat long holiday.

The picture below is of  Ms Intan, beautiful name, isn't it?  Short, sweet and  inspiring name, really.  To be called 'diamond' everytime is a great boost to the ego and to have the qualities of a diamond is even more so.........

The picture below shows Ms Intan with her 3rd project, painted in a beautiful tray .  The pattern  was taken from Ross Stallcup's  Gran's Memories.  This pattern  is one of the most widely used designs for trays because the  pattern fits perfectly in any rectangular  or square surface, its easy to paint and the finished painting always brings a smile to the owner.  Look at Ms Intan and you'll know what I mean.......

The colours have been changed  as not all exact shades were available.  I prefer to use the colours that the student has or mix and match the palette with a colour wheel as a guide.  I also don't tell new students to buy the entire range of colours ;  just the basics for starters, and then continue to add colours as they progress.  Most often, I intermix Jo Sonja and Americana paints and use whichever is available at the time of painting.  It saves time and money !

Having said that, I would recommend students to buy Jo Sonja's Dioxazine  Purple Series 3 and Burgundy as a basic requirement for decorative painting because the intensity of the colour pigment is excellent.

Happy painting


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  1. OliveBlue

    Hi! Long time no hear. Looks like you have been busy painting and teaching. Nice projects.Keep in touch.

  2. Country Arts

    Hi Olive Blue

    How could I ever forget you ! You are my Rose Queen lah !.

    Will come soon to learn a new rose!


  3. Country Arts

    Hi Olive Blue

    Sent u two emails via comments .... did you get it

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