Antique Hydrangeas

Posted by Lakshmi


Wednesday, 2 June 2010

This is my good friend, Rashidah's summer basket.  The hydrangeas are painted in  Fawn and Titanium White.  The leaves are in washy Teal Green.  I've not done hydrangeas in an antique looking style but I must say that it does look very different and unique .   The edges are trimmed in metallic gold. 

I  would most probably paint it soon but I've to finish painting all my backlog of stuff.

I recently had to conduct a demo at the PJ   YWCA centre and the theme was my favourite topic, recycling.......   As I was hard pressed for time,  I didn't have time to go scouting around the junk stores  - there's none in Shah Alam, where I stay and as you all know, I'm sooooooo terrible on locations and directions.  The only thing that I could rummage around my house was the ubiquitous
' Julies' biscuit tin and so I painted it, with  what else, but  roses..........  Anyway the YWCA members/ladies  were all so taken in and couldn't believe their eyes and ears when I explained to them what decorative painting can do.      Mission accomplished ! 


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  1. Pat

    I love the antique look with the hydrangeas! Absolutely lovely.

    And I always smile when I see roses on anything you've painted. I remember your 'love' for painting them!

    I cannot yet paint a rose to save my life. So I'm fiddling with daisies and other stuff. One day. . . .

  2. Country Arts

    Good for you Pat, paint anything you want in whichever way you can, afterall, art is subjective and anyone have yet to really 'fail' in art.

    Btw, I think daisies have a special quality in them, kind of beautifully simple, unpretentious and unsophisticatedly innocent, like children.

    Roses, urmm, now, that's another matter altogether !

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