A Picnic with Scones, Cream and Strawberries

Posted by Lakshmi

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

This beautiful picture of  scones, cream and strawberries on a picnic layout invokes my favourite rite of English tea.  In actual fact, my daughter, Shireen , did serve me scones with fresh blueberries and cherries ( couldn't get the strawberries though ) for my afternoon tea on my recent birthday.  I'm all of 51 years and life is just beginning for bambina Lakshmi - ( that's what my brother called me when I was a kid)

It didn't take a long time to paint although it looks complicating.  The only tedious part was the strawberries and leaves,  they were small in size and cascading everywhere.  The basket was a breeze and so was the  jam jar and jug and scones...... and everything else !

It's really very inviting, isn't it......  The same picture can be painted on a bread bin too and additional leaves, scones  and strawberries added randomly  to the sides of the bins.

Happy painting and have a cup of tea on me when you do it......


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  1. Maite - vitoma

    Precioso trabajo!!

  2. Country Arts

    Hi Maite- vitoma

    I get the 'saludos' meaning but can't reply in the same language - Italian ?

    Thank you for your compliments.

    Muchos gracias


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