Asma's Name Plaque and Rebecca's pretty box

Posted by Lakshmi

Saturday  3  July  2010

The following pictures are of Ms Asma and  Rebecca with their respective art projects during class.

This is Asma's first decorative painting project and by the looks of it, she's a fast learner!  The project was completed within class hours on her first day itself.  Asma informed me that she was mostly into decoupage  previously but that after some time, it did not create any challenge for her, thus her desire to learn painting.

 Now, that's what I call PROGRESS......  Good for you, Asma, you have my whole-hearted support..... by the way, , do you notice her  beaming smile and ' I've done a great job 'look on her pretty face ? It's a great feeling and everyone should experience it............ just take up a hobby la........

The picture below is of Rebecca, who also managed to complete her project on her first class with me at my home.  Rebecca's interest in decorative painting was so great that she started off by trying it out on her own with the help of the internet .............  how's that for motivation  huh ?

After  I had shown her a  few demonstrations on her art book , Rebecca managed to do justice for her floral project in record time.  Mama mia !  I simply love the look on her face...., but you should have seen her   joy and happiness when she surveyed her finished work. I think her face says it all.

And you know what, she paid me the most simple and sincere compliment ever and I take great pleasure  in quoting her exact words "  teacher, you are a very nice and good teacher "   Nothing earth-shattering, but I basked in her compliment, just the same.   Thank you, Rebecca


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