Student's Progress 2

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Monday, 26  July 2010

Today's article is on Ms Azmi's work.  Azmi is a Quantity Surveyor and so is her husband. ( How nice to have both husband and wife in the same line of work- saves a lot of problems, doesn't it?  )  Azmi is a true blue Penangite, so her cooking is fantastic and so is her fabulous hacienda styled house! We've known each other for a long time and the great thing about Azmi is she's very  unpretentious, down to earth, easy going and very committed in whatever she does.  She's still into line dancing while I stopped ages ago.  That's commitment for you and me ! One reason why she still looks fabulous  too .......................

Her foray into decorative painting came by chance. I had painted several items for Azmi previously.  Her last visit to my house was to give another  item to paint, a signboard for her gazebo.  But then, she came when my Wednesday morning  class was going on, so,  while explaining to her the process , I casually asked her to try her hand at learning how to paint it herself.

I then  patiently   explained to her how easy it was and how I'd guide and teach her step by step ( the teaching instinct in me took over la, I couldn't help it ! ) and Azmi was a 'goner'.
I think I  did a pretty good job of convincing her, for despite her initial protests of " having 2 left hands and not talented in painting ", blah.. blah.. blah ,  good natured Azmi decided to embark on the wonderful journey of Folk and Decorating Painting.  Was I happy or what !

Azmi started on her  class the very next  Wednesday morning lesson.......... and the pictures below  shows her effort for the two classes she had attended so far.  Not bad for a beginner eh ?

Azmi's first lesson with daisies.  She did finish the project on her first lesson, really !

Azmi's second project ........... hydrangeas.......... and she said she had never painted before !!

Most times. we don't know what we are capable of and what hidden talents we have, until  we  make an  attempt to try , at least once.  This has applied to me too.  I used to sneak to the  school library when my art teacher entered the class and couldn't hold a brush for beans..................until I took up decorating painting out of the blue when in my forties..... would you believe it ?

So, all those who think you can't paint,  get a starter painting kit and brush and go to the nearest Folk & Decorative teacher within your vicinity/area.  The blogs of some of the teachers/ artists are tagged below , namely Olive Blue/ Les Fleurs Decorative Painting ( on the bottom right )  You won't regret it.

Just to inform readers, my classes are conducted at my home in Shah Alam, address given below -

                                         47  Jalan Puyuh  6/1D
                                         Section 6 ( near the Sec 6 market)
                                         Shah Alam

Classes conducted on Wednesday and Saturday   mornings 9.30 am ( MPSJ Saturday morning community classes postponed for the fasting month )

Saturday afternoon at 3.00pm.

Please do call/sms/ email to enquire or confirm classes : 012 6709459 or email :

Happy painting


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