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Thursday, 21 July 2010

My class at 3C Complex at Subang Jaya last Saturday saw a  number of students attending.  Everyone managed to take home a completed project and were quite happy with their accomplishment.    The only problem now is that MPSJ has yet to give  definitive fixed dates for decorative painting classes, the result of which is, sometimes students are not informed earlier of last minute changes and turn up for classes which are not on their list of prorities.  I've informed MPSJ of this anomaly and hope that MPSJ will solve this problem soon.  Rest assured that I will update readers of any changes.

No decorative painting class on  Saturday, 24 July 2010.  Also, the Muslim holy month of Ramadan is about to begin and MPSJ will probably be not having any class until Hari Raya, I think.  Classes are, however, conducted at my home, so please call/confirm for attendance.

Below are some of the painting projects done by Ms Intan during her lessons with me.

Ms Intan has already painted a caddy with roses, last week.  Although her original intention was to use it for putting her painting brushes, she decided against it after the project was completed.  Said it was too good and pretty for  her brushes, so she's  going to use it for Hari Raya ! I quite agree with her. Anyway, Intan is going to do another one to put her brushes in this time, ha ha !.

After her caddy with the roses, I convinced Intan to learn to paint lilies.  Lilies are truly truly beautiful flowers and I simply don't understand why it is not popular with decorative artists and students in general.  Sigh... everyone is still  in the roses syndrome, I  think.  

 This is the finished painting of Victorian Lilies by Ms Intan.   Although a stronger background colour would have been preferable to bring out the beauty of the lilies, I think they still look beautiful, all the same.  I'm sure you'll agree with me......

Happy painting


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