Mega Serials and Yellow Poppies

Posted by Lakshmi

Monday, 12 July 2010

I've been quite busy lately with many demos being conducted and trying my very very best to explain to all and sundry, especially the ladies' clubs, groups, etc, etc to take up a craft, any craft, for that matter.  Of course, of course, decorative painting is my top choice! 

'An idle mind is a devil's workshop', as the saying goes and to this end, during my course of  talks on crafts, I found that most of our ladies are more into  dramas and mega serials with their never ending plots and wily ways.  With the most silly and convoluting story lines, with typical story lines of whole families being involved in everyone's problems, back-stabbing each other, plotting to bring down someone of their own, bitching and killing, jealousy and hatred, etc, etc, the ladies are caught up with the sob tales and spins and immerse themselves fully into the plot............ and all their brain power is zapped, just like that !

Haiyo ! how to have time to broaden our minds, expand our knowledge, pick up a skill, try out new ideas and live our lives fully ? Didn't one of the wise man say that ' the past is history and the  present is a gift '?  It's really an uphill battle to change their attitude. When I get so exasperated and press them further, their whining and complaining and lame excuses just shocks me.... Helo?  you can prioratise to  buy bling blings costing thousands, Armani handbangs and Jimmy Choos, just to name a few but you can't afford to spend for learning a skill that keeps you mentally engaged, brings you new friendship, opens up a new horizon and to top it all, gives you much needed confidence in yourself and personal satisfaction ?  And it not necessarily have to be decorative painting, you know!  There are a thousand and one skills out there, waiting to be taught, to  be learnt  and to be done.   Need I say more.............................................?

I can go on and on but enough of my rantings for now.... I feel much better already !

Back to my students  paintings....

Rebecca wanted to learn a different flower and much to my happiness, she decided on the yellow poppies with a lace edge for her green tissue box.  Thank God, it was not roses! .  It was a good attempt for a first try on poppies.  The pic below has not been fully completed nor varnished but I must say that it is almost finished except for a few touches.  And, she did it in one session! 

Happy painting and go pick up a hobby if you haven't done already !


2 Responses to Mega Serials and Yellow Poppies

  1. Pat

    I couldn't agree with you more - about stopping with the tv and serials and picking up a hobby!

    I've started decorative painting on my own, and that's how I found you :)

    You must be a gifted teacher, if this was done in one go - was this her first time at poppies, or in painting in general? I think she must be gifted, too, then!

    Me? I am a plodder, and I've been plodding away at this wonderful thing with paints. I have yet to achieve anything close to what you display here - but I'd like to believe I will, one day. It is not always the destination that's fun; it is also the journey getting there!

    I keep coming back to your blog for inspiration. And for that, I thank you.


  2. Country Arts

    Hi Pat

    It's so great to hear from you. Your words always cheer me up just when I need a boost. You must be telepathic , I think! And I agree with you, its not the destination, but the journey which gives us strength and character.......

    This is Rebecca's 4th lesson. All I did was to show her how it's done and guide her along. A little vote of confidence sealed the way !

    Hope to meet u 1 day on our painting journey and do keep your comments coming......!


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