December Updates

Posted by Lakshmi

Wednesday 8 December 2010

Recently I had the pleasure of teaching Ms Fadhlina, who came all the way from Dungun, Terengganu for  painting lessons.  She attended classes for 2 consecutive  days  and discovered for herself the joy of painting.  With no experience at painting at all and propelled just by her desire to learn the art, she patiently practised the strokes and voila! she was sooo over the moon when she finished her daisies......

With diligent practice, Fadhlina finished her lilacs and  hydrangeas which was quite remarkable for a student with no previous experience.

 Of course, Fadhlina wanted to learn roses too....................... .  Now, that was a big milestone for a beginner  and I did explain to her that it would not be an easy task to accomplish.   However , not wanting to disappoint my ardent student who had come all the way from Terengganu , I showed her  step by step on how to paint it and allowed her to practice too.  Seeing her 'beginners' floundering  ( I told you so !! )  I then gently advised her to start with rosebuds and leaves.  She managed that quite well and I was really happy to see her smile back !  I then drew a free hand pattern of rosebuds and leaves on her plaque and she was very happy to be able to paint those.

Then there was Amanda.  This talented and beautiful lady from Meru , Klang ,  came to learn how to paint roses.  Amanda had painted and learnt decorative painting a year or two ago and this thoroughly inspired lady  had painted almost most of her gardening tools on her own with the ideas and knowledge she had acquired along the way.  Full of initiative and verve........................ it's always a pleasure to teach such interested and dedicated students.

Really glad to have helped Amanda and Fadhlina.................................

Happy reading and painting


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    i miss your class, i miss your class, i miss your class...

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