Season for Gifts

Posted by Lakshmi

Saturday 11 December 2011

Tis the season for gifts and so my first gift was to a student whom I had taught  English language quite some years ago.  The wedding card arrived quite late and I had no time to do something more elaborate. So, of course I did what I can do the fastest - paint roses of course!

My second gift was to my sister who wanted a ' welcome ' signage for her patio.    Thus, my second gift, which took an hour or so to finish.  The varnish was done 2 days later!

Then, getting carried away with the roses, since it was the easiest to paint and also to  finish all the roses theme quickly, I did this, also as a gift  for Datin Suriaty as she had recently moved her business address.

As her business card had turquoise and blue violet colours,  I painted the roses  in a mix of Fawn and  Country Blue for the base,  then Smoked Pearl ,  Saphire and a touch of Blue Violet when stroking in the petals. Highlights were glazed  in Titatnium White and shaded with Diox Purple. Finally, I used Aqua to slip slap all round the roses and ribbons to tone with the business card colour scheme and to soften the overall effect. 

Ps: I haven't found the time to give it to her yet !

This biscuit tin was the one that I showcased as one of my recycling projects in my TV debut on  RTM 1 and since I am updating the roses, I thought I might as well update this too .

I'm pretty sure most of you readers are up to your eyeballs seeing roses and   I'm hoping  therefore that I don't have to paint them again, at least until the end of this year  !!! 

Happy reading and painting


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