Interview with MIDI Magazine, Tole Painting & Kokhloma

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Wednesday day,  22 December 2010

It was indeed a very pleasant start to the day when Ms Mariam, the journalist and Mr Ejam, the photographer  from Karangkraf Publishers  came to my home to interview me for their January 2011 issue of the MIDI magazine.  This will be my first debut in a magazine and I really hope that it turns out well.   I do so really want to reach out to everyone, especially the ladies to take up a skill , any skill really, to keep themselves occupied gainfully  and if it so happens that they take up decorative painting, all the better ! 

That's Ms Mariam and Ejam from MIDI magazine at my home during  the interview . We all have big beautiful smiles, don't we ? That's because we had coffee with freshly baked banana cake.  And since my house is full of cakes and cookies all the time,  I was very glad to give them some to take home .

As for my painting, I did tole painting last week, something different for a change from the florals and it was really like a breath of fresh air. My reference was from the book ' Tole You So' by Margaret Wehking

Tole painting on a biscuit tin - front.  The base colour for the tin was Wrought Iron (Folk Art Colours)

Tole painting on the biscuit tin -back.  The base colour for the side panels  were in Linen ( Jo Sonja Basecoat ).  The top and bottom rims were smudged with Metallic Gold ( Americana )

Finally, my Kokhloma painting -   jewellery box.  Very tedious and meticulous work but really beautiful when completed. 

There's really so much more to explore and learn in Folk Art painting, so don't just stop at roses, ya ..............................................................

Happy reading and painting


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