I Finally Finished My Frame

Posted by Lakshmi

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

I had started on this painting  sometime early this year but somehow didn't quite manage to finish it, sort of abandoned it, really.   I finally decided that I shouldn't take it to the next year and coaxed myself to finish it .

In between finishing my painting, I had the pleasure of teaching Zie ( pictured below) who came all the way from Puchong with her handsome son riding pillion on her motorbike!  I almost couldn't believe my eyes when she arrived at my doorstep on a motorbike with her  cute tyke in tow. And boy, was he well-behaved or what!  While mom was busy learning how to paint, Aiman was busy drawing with a pencil and paper that I had given him .  So well behaved was he that did not even disturb his mom even once. And he's  8 years old and her only son ! ! Can you believe it ?  No throwing tantrums, no crying,  no bugging his mom, no ranting, no walkabout all over the house ..............................Aiman sat obediently and quietly besides him mom until she had finished her lessons.    I think he's  every mother's dream ..... nay, I  think every mother  should have a son  like him ( he obliged me by smiling for my camera too!)

Zie, you are so blessed

By the way, this was Zie's first lesson and she  was very happy to finish  her daisy project all by herself.

This is Ida Azrina from Kapar, Klang.   Ida came
to learn how to paint roses.  Petite and with
a youthful demeanor , I found it hard to believe
that she was a mother to 5 kids.

Ida had previously done decouppage  and has
now embarked on doing the real thing!

That's all for now

Happy reading and painting


Ps: My previous update, which was originally tittled  - My Computer has Down's Syndrome has been changed to ' My computer went for a check-up ' .  A reader, Susan from Ohio, US had commented that I should not have used the term in such a manner.  As I had explained in my reply,  it was meant as a euphemism for my computer breakdown  and I had not the slightest intention to offend anyone .  I have thus removed the caption and re-worded it.

3 Responses to I Finally Finished My Frame

  1. Blossom inch

    I miss your class, wanted to go but busy with the house and my girl plus the domestic issue. You know what! see you soon, Hugs

  2. Maite - vitoma

    El cuadro te quedo precioso.
    Me encanta pasar por tu blog y ver con que orgullo pones las fotos de tus alumnos, y las maravillas que les ense├▒as a hacer.
    Feliz navidad para todos.

  3. Country Arts

    I have translated the Spanish wordings of Maite vitoma :

    "The chart will stay beautiful.
    I love going through your blog and see with pride that you put the photos of your students, and the wonders that teach them to do.
    Merry Christmas to all."

    I am deeply touched by Maite Vitoma's comment


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