Folk & Decorative Painting Workshop

Posted by Lakshmi

Friday , 28 January 2011

Remember I wrote in my last article that my stars are shining brightly ?  Well, it's definitely starting to shine alright!  My long held  wish of conducting a Decorative Painting workshop  is finally starting to get off the ground and  I'm so so excited !

Details are as follows :

                         Date               :   29 May 2011 ( Sunday)

                          Venue            :   Kompleks PKNS Bangi ( Chempaka Room )
                                                     Bandar Baru Bangi

                           Time              :   10.00am - 5.00pm

                           Fee                 :  RM210.00  per person made payable to
                                                       Maybank a/c No: 512101234607    *

                                                     ( fee includes : Lunch  &  Tea and all painting materials needed )   
                                                        * email  Bankslip No.  to - )

                           Closing Date  : 30 April 2011

Tengku Norashikin and I will be conducting the workshop together and if you had read my previous article about her, you'd know for sure how the workshop will be - full of fun and laughter and camaraderie .  That's how we plan to conduct the workshop.  You get to learn and have fun  at the same time for doesn't  all work and no play make Jill a dull girl ?

It would be great to see all my readers and budding artists / ladies at the workshop and exchange ideas. Come for the adventure of learning a new skill or hobby, or come just to  explore your creativity  and hidden talent.   You'd  never know until you've tried.........................................

We've kept the cost to the barest minimum to enable everyone to participate,  right from students to the ladies .  Everything needed for the workshop, including boards/plaques,  brushes, acrylic paints, stylus , basecoat colours,  tracing and practise papers , transfers, patterns, varnish  and other required items are provided for.

All you have to do is just  walk in with a willingness to learn and walk out with a head full of creativity and confidence. How fantastic is that ?  And all these for just RM210.00 only .

 Phew !  If I had known something like this was organised  when I started painting, I would have had  grabbed it with both hands and legs, instead of doing everything by myself from trial and error and spending  more time and even more  money  than I should have .

In case you wanted to know,  as a complete dud beginner, I tried to cut cost by buying cheaper quality paints, brushes, etc. [ I thought beginners didn't need good quality stuff to work with, you see  !] and ended up penny wise and pound foolish, spending  triple the amount I had budgeted for .  How naive and dumb I was then !

But, of course, we become experts on hindsight and so, as an  "  expert on hindsight " believe me when I say RM210.00 is a real bargain  for learning Decorative Painting  with Lunch and Tea provided !.  

Certificates will be awarded to all participants 

Happy reading and painting


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