The Three Little Police Ladies

Posted by Lakshmi

Sunday,  30  January 2011

The three little Police ladies are Wani, Lati and Priscilla  who are  based at  the Selangor Police Headquaters, which is incidently, located quite near my house  in Shah Alam.  The three lovely ladies are smart and clever as they are beautiful  and they  make great  students and friends ....... ......................   that's why I like teaching so much.

 That's Wani, sitting on the left and Priscilla standing in the middle.  Norlidah, the fair maiden is sitting on the right.

Ms Lati  is standing on the left .This picture was taken when they were about to hurry for home.  Class started at 3.00pm but they left at 7.00pm !!! Norlidah was referred to me by Zahirah Zainuddin of Zahirah Folk Art & Crafts

Wani's basket of eggs........ the rest needs more time..................................................

In the course of my teaching career in Decorating painting insofar, ,I've had the opportunity to teach and make friends with both  the professionals and lay people alike -  I've taught several  engineers, nurses, lawyers, architects, physiotherapists, beauticians,  teachers, editors, managers, secretaries, school leavers, bakers, insurance agents, interior designer,  gym instructors, dance teachers, finance manager,  horticulturist,   homemakers, retired employees and  ladies of leisure ( read titled ladies ala Datins)  .   Almost all of them ( except the school leavers )  came with one thing in mind - to learn something for themselves without any outside  pressure and to take their mind off from work at the same time. 

Well, judging from their painting, I'm sure they were not thinking of anything else but their hobby.
Students attending the  weekend Saturday classes get to have some tea and cakes too as I usually bake a cake or two for family tea. Most often, they get to take home a few slices as well.

Let me see, last week it was a butter cake and this week (today) I baked some apple  turnovers  ( more on that later )

Happy reading and painting


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