MIDI article in Bahasa Malaysia

Posted by Lakshmi

Saturday 22 January 2011

This is the article about me which appeared in the January 15th issue of the MIDI magazine. As this is written in  Bahasa Malaysia ( Bahasa Melayu?) , please google translate it for those who are unable to understand. 

When the interview was held in mid  December, I did not expect it to be published  so soon in their  mid January 2011 issue ! I was led to believe that normally these kind of interviews/articles will take months to be published. So I guess, my stars are shining brightly this 2011 to have got it this fast .  I think MIDI has written a good article based on what I had said  ( except for mis-spelling my name from Lakshmi to Lakhsmi  )and I would like to record my sincere   thanks and appreciation  to them.

Of course, my readers input ( ahem.... compliments...!.)  will rock me straight to Cloud 9,  but, knowing how most readers just like to read and find it too much of a problem to get a copy ( the reason for this update actually )  or give any feedback , much less write anything (!) I'll just assume that you are very happy for me............................................. la !

Happy reading and painting


5 Responses to MIDI article in Bahasa Malaysia

  1. Pat

    Hi Lakshmi,

    I am one of your visitors who just reads and flies - but I'm saying 'hi' just to prove you wrong ;)

    I am indeed very happy for you, and I think they did a very good article on you and your painting.

    Here's wishing you a good year in 2011 :)

  2. Country Arts

    Hi Pat

    So lovely to hear from you again . I'm so glad u proved me wrong!

    wishing u a great and wonderful year too.


  3. Nor Hafinaliza

    HI Mrs Lakshmi..I'm happy for you!!wish you further success and never forget me kay..he..he..even though ony few classes with you..but you're my 1st teacher..I knew how to handle the brush from you..and I'm so proud to inform to others that you're my teacher..
    -Liza- / Affeen

  4. Country Arts

    Hi Liza

    It's wonderful to hear from u again and thank you so much for your very kind words. I'm glad I was of help to you . I do very much appreciate your support I have had a few ladies who came with your references. Thank you, dear Liza .

    Do drop by anytime you are in Shah Alam and we can have a cup of tea together again......

    Happy Holidays and God Bless


  5. Blossom inch

    amboi masuk/being featured in magazine....

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