3rd Day of Ponggal

Posted by Lakshmi

The harvest festival of Ponggal is already over and I'm still behind times.   I really want this to be short for I have so many other thoughts to write but I really can't promise as you would know by now, ( sigh  )

By way of a brief explanation, this is the day dedicated to young unmarried girls in the family.  As many may be aware, the old Hindu custom  ( which is also practised by some segments of Hindus today, really ) pertains to marriage arrangements.  Arranged marriages have long been a strictly adhered custom and in those days, the parents did all the work and  the  poor bride and bridegroom didn't even know how the other looked like, can you believe it?  Oh  boy!,  aren't I glad I was not born in those days! The gods must have had really  favoured me........and with my mixed religious marriage background....  .. I don't even want to think about it!   Anyway, the marrying couple  only get to meet each other after the wedding  ceremony is over, so there's no escape and no plan B la. The maxim, marriages are made in heaven or hell, depending on whom you got married to, holds true. If you are a follower of the tv series, ' Merlin'  at Starworld and saw  how King Uther married the troll, you'd know what I mean........ uurrgghhhh

I digress.  So, it is on this 3rd day, the young eligible girls  are noticed  ( checked out, more likely I think )  by the elders at the temple celebrations or festival grounds and duly noted of their  worthiness.  Mind you, this is only the first round. The next and most important procedure is to check out the astrological birthcharts of the prospective couples and only if the stars tally, do they proceed further to the next step.  If  their astrological  horoscopes become horrorscopes, the deal is off . Period.  Now you know  how  Devdass/Annarkilli and Laila Majnun stories came about.! (For those who have no inkling of whom I have referred, their stories are akin to Romeo & Juliet) Die la!

So there you have it, the 3 days of Ponggal and the significance of  the celebrations. 

I'm now just reading back what I had written  and a momentary thought of what could have happened to me passes my mind.  My husband and I are of completely different religious faith, of different cultural background, different upbringing and totally diferent in our likes and dislikes- I'm into outdoors, he's indoors, I'm happy with veggies all year round, he must have meat everyday.....I faint at the sight of blood, he stitches the gaping wounds of patients....   I need to see the sky and he draws all the curtains in the house.... in short, we are like the sun and the moon....... and  yet ........and yet  ..........., we stood our grounds  and told our shocked parents that we'd rather remain single if we couldn't  get married to each other !  In retrospect, we must have had great  guts to have done that. Imagine that.....   and we have stuck together against all odds for 22 years......phew....

Hi handsome husband,  dinner's ready anytime you want...............!!

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