A Poem by Sri Rabindranath Tagore

Posted by Lakshmi

I read this beautiful  poem written by the  great writer, philosopher and poet, Sri Rabindranath Tagore ( hello, for those who don't know who he is, please check  this Nobel Peace Prize winner at  Wikipedia ). It's only part of the poem but the meaning is profound. I thought it too beautiful to ignore it and so I reproduce some of the lines here:

         "       Go not to the temple to put flowers upon the feet of God
                 First fill your own house with the fragrance of Love

                 Go not to the temple to light candles before the altar of God
                 First remove the darkness of sin from your heart

                 Go not to the temple to bow down your head in prayer
                 First learn to bow in humility before your fellowmen

                 Go not to the temple to pray on bended knees
                 First bend down to lift someone who is down trodden

                 Go not to the temple to ask for forgiveness from your sins
                 First forgive from your heart those who have sinned against
                 you  "

What more is there to say?

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  1. Patricia

    I've been looking at your work, and stopping to read your words - the last one was on Ponggol and how you've been married 22 years!

    But this poem here, by Tagore, is one I posted a while back:

    It always freaks me out to find like-minded souls, right here in my own back yard!

    And like you write: 'What more is there to say?'

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