Here's to a great New Year to all of us

Posted by Lakshmi

I've just returned from a short holiday in Singapore. I think pre Christmas and post Christmas time is the best time to visit Singapore.  The whole country is decked in lights, lights, lights and it was simply a  beautiful sight to behold.  Our stay at the  Royal Plaza on the Scotts , right in the middle of Orchard Road made it possible for us to walk from one shopping mall to another.  It was walk, walk, walk all the way everywhere.  Of course, we went on the usual touristy  river cruise, the Singapore Flyer, Sentosa island, and other places of interest.

The most unforgettable happening was when my kids went in the bungy like extreme entrapment in which they were fastened with safety belt and the lever hoisted  them up of more than 20 meters from the ground. Then, bang! they come wooshing down, catapulted again in mid air  with shrieks and screams that knocked down the parents dead!  Gosh, it was the most frightening thing that I've ever encountered.  Not being enough, they also clambered on another similar ridiculous crap called bungy para glide or something stupid like that ,  which  reeled them even higher up in the air than the previous one and when the lever was pressed, they just swung straight down.  Petrified and dumbstruck, I started  praying to all the Gods of heaven in all denominations.  My children's reaction?  The two  idiots  just laughed it off and told me to 'chillex' , would you believe it?

The downside of this stupidity of a sport, if I may call it that, is that it certainly is not for the faint hearted nor for normal parents who are too afraid for their children. .  The upside is it teaches kids/participants  to be bold and fearless when put to the test, sort of...... Anyway, I was secretly glad that they went ahead and did it despite my  initial misgivings and doubts. They've overcome  fear and for that, I'm very very happy.

2009 ended with lots of feasting with  glasses of champagne and wine at every meal.  There was ample merrymaking and good cheer and I even managed to eat some slices of  turkey with chestnut stuffing for the first time in my life, without throwing it up.  Now,  t h a t  was a great ending .!

Anyway, here's wishing everyone a fabulous start to the  New Year 2010.  Cheers

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