Mistakes Are The Portals of Discovery

Posted by Lakshmi

The horrendous headlines of last week's media onslaught is fading and with it the memory of mistakes made intentionally and unintentionally.  In the process,  segments of  Malaysians are discovering that  despite the  fear and ignorance  of some, the sun doth shine brightly on the majority.  It was thus, heart-warming to read  Marina Mahathir's take on the issue and I was especially touched by the pictures of  Muslim ladies handing out flowers at Bukit Bintang, followed by calls from our Muslim brothers and sisters to live and let live peacefully.  This,  I think, is the real  meaning of 1 MALAYSIA.

I read this interesting epithet by a writer named Red Skelton. I've no idea who he is  but this is what he wrote:

      " I  personally believe that each of us was put here for a purpose - to build,
        not destroy.  If I can make people smile, then, I have served my purpose
        for God."

Oh, how true  his words.  I  wish  every human on this planet memorises this by heart.  I have done already, have you?

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  1. Mark

    Red Skelton was a radio, film and TV comedian. He was silly, told bad joke in a funny way, use his rubber face to be many character (young boy to a old man), specialized in making everyday things funny, mime artist. Know for his character as a tramp, clown painting and putting meaning to the Pledge of Allegiance but he was more. His mime touched all languages. All he wanted to do is make people laugh. It is a shame that a new generation may not know this talent. http://red-skelton.blogspot.com/

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