The Chest versus The Chest

Posted by Lakshmi

Saturday, 17 April 2010

The chest on the top left  with the above painted picture was given to me some weeks ago.  I am not aware of who the artist is nor am I interested in knowing the identity of the artist.  The only comment I would make is that the artist did not know what she was doing.

When the chest reached me, I was somewhat taken aback .  I couldn't identify the two flowers on the top left of the floral arrangement and the whole thing looked simply flat, to put it mildly.  The  unsatisfied and quite critical owner wanted me to do as much re-touching and re-painting as I could.  Obviously, it  would have been a lot easier and better if  I could re-paint the whole thing but I was not instructed otherwise.  

Anyway, I did what I could  without messing up too much of  the original artists handwork  and put in lots of highlights and shadings . Some of the petals were simply too out of sync and I managed to add in some details to give it some semblance of a rose.

I just wish that the artist who did this had learnt a little bit more before doing it for others , which makes me note that  sometimes customers can be penny wise and  pound foolish too..........

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