Rashidah , The Rose Terrorist

Posted by Lakshmi

10 Saturday 2010

I recently had the pleasure of visiting my art friend, Rashidah, at her  home, in Subang Jaya.  As usual, my driving directions were a disaster and I had to constantly call her to take in the bearings. 

But what a sight greeted me.Oh my God, it was a beautiful painted house,for sure.  !  I was completely bowled over  and had to sit down to catch my breath.  Such beautiful works of art...... all over the walls.  It was like being in Alice in Wonderland .  The benches were covered in roses, the walls were adorned with her beautiful paintings and even her kitchen sideboard was specially made to order, painted a beautiful wedgewood green, I think, and covered with  creamy roses, all hand painted,of course.. of course.... 

Her bread bin was, oh!, so pretty with strawberries and scones.  If I had my way, I would have  run off with it, but unfortunately, the Thomas Kinkaide painting on the other wall took my breath  away and then, just when I thought that I was going to faint, I saw  Annette Stevenson's rose in a  picture frame with a beautiful crackled effect.  This time, I wanted to clobber her for good.   I was almost in a dizzy with a tizzy .  I just plonked on the dining chair, unable to stand any longer. What an inspiration, you are, Rashidah.  I'm now inspired to paint more. It goes without saying that one day soon, Rashidah , when you find your picture frame and bread box missing from its place,  you'll know where to find them ya, ......!!

   Of course, I couldn't have left the house without going crazy click-clicking away with my camera .  Would u believe it if I said that even my camera had not enough energy to snap up all the pics,  I'm pretty sure I put in new batteries.... even they succumbed to Rashidah's beautiful handiworks, me thinks !!

I left Rashidah's house reluctantly,  and inspite of taking directions from her, I  first drove into a dead end and then took a wrong turn and ended up paying toll twice on the SILK road to Bandar Puteri Puchong and was on the way to Kajang.!.  Aiyoo!!,   what a terrible way to come down to earth after floating in Rashidah's house....................

And to make matters worse, every  night now, I'm agonising over the pictures and torturing myself thinking when I'm going to paint one like hers.   Rashidah, Oh Rashidah , sakit kepala la  I  !!!!!  ( you've caused me a headache !)

Ps: I have yet to learn how to download the pics myself so I am at the mercy of my daughter to put it up, hence the lack of any now.  Soon........

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