The Water Canteen

Posted by Lakshmi

20 April 2010

Another day, another  request ..... for another rose,....  I'm going to scream now,  so forgive me for this short update......................................

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  1. Pat

    Hahaha!!! You yourself are a scream!!!

    I have been following your blog for a few weeks now, and I know your now familiar lament of always having to paint roses.

    How I wish I could paint them like you do. My roses don't even resemble cabbages!!!

    Anyways, I thought you needed a cyber hug today, so I'm dropping you a line, and a *hug*

    I only started painting a few months ago. For the first time. And, I'm only just learning. One day, I hope to be good enough to be happy with my own work.

    Right now, everything I paint is flat - like you so correctly say in your previous post.

    I am doing this just for me, and sometimes these 'older' hands don't do what they're asked to do. In my brain, I know what needs to be done. Then, I think I'm doing it. But when I look at the finished product, I can only sigh.

    I look at your work, and I am in awe. You have been blessed with a wonderful talent.

    But go ahead and have your scream. You've earned it!

  2. lakshmi

    Oh Pat, it's so wonderful to get a hug from another fellow artist and I do so need it after I paint roses !!

    Thank u sooo much for brightening my day, and don't worry, just keep painting and soon we'll soon scream together.....

    with warmest wishes and best regards


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