Darmo Cottage's New Opening at Tesco Bukit Tinggi

Posted by Lakshmi

26 April 2010

If you visit the Tesco outlet in Bukit Tinggi, you will see this signage on Cikgu Zaleha's shop on the ground floor. 

This is the 2nd signboard that I painted for  Cikgu Zaleha of Darmo Cottage .   As you can see, it is a real window panel of  the old 'kampung'  house. The idea was to get a shabby chic kind of  feel and I think it does portray so.  The usual sealing, sanding , gesso application and base coating was done.  Thank goodness,  Cikgu Zaleha had it pre washed before it came to me .  Can't say the same for the others though !

I surprised myself by painting on it straight away without the usual  pencil  etchings  which I would normally do for big projects.....hmmm, I must say that I'm getting bolder and more carefree in my attitude. ( Rashidah dear, your trait is getting infectious but I rather like it............)

  The first one that I did  was in her favouite colour of  lime green which I had posted in my previous columns and which is displayed in her Darmo Cottage shop in Banting.  That was the start of everyone hunting high and low for old window panes and panels. 

 I'm now doing  a 3rd  one ( roses, of course !) which Cikgu Zaleha wants to put on both entrances of  her shop.    This is not a window panel but an actual door of  a dismantled  kampung house.... will put it up when I finish it soon.................

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