Easter Celebrations

Posted by Lakshmi

 4 April 2010

Today is Easter and Christians all over the world celebrate Easter in a grand manner, with  Easter chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs.  Since I believe in one God Almighty, I celebrate Easter too. It great, isn't it, to be able to celebrate so many occasions ? Since I studied in St Anne's Convent in Port Klang (the old name was Port Swettenham )  during my primary school years, I 'm quite familiar with their prayers, although at that time, I just learnt it by rote and said it by rote too, without knowing what I was saying.  My parents, although  they were conservative Hindus, believed  in the same philosophy , that all roads lead to Rome.  On hindsight, I think the Good Lord knew I would be marrying a Christian  and so in His wisdom, prepared me for the future...! 

The 40 days before Easter is called Lent and Christians are to refrain from eating meat during Lent.  The last friday of the 40 days is called Good Friday and the last sunday of the 40 days of Lent is Easter Sunday when  meat is allowed.  Sounds familar to other religions, right? So you see, in the end we all belong and believe in the same One, only the paths are different.

Today's Easter lunch will be no different from last year or the year before or the year before...................  The table will be groaning with food, food and more food and a bottle of the best wine would be opened.  My contribution this year to the groaning table is  spicy and dry marsala mutton and sugee cake.  I haven't taken breakfast because I can't do justice to the lunch spread so I'm keeping myself occupied with my hands typing this  instead of my mouth ! 

I've just fed the birds and the really fat guinea pig which my son calls Fido and as I am typing, I can hear the sweet chirpings and whistlings  of the birds on the accacia tree in my garden. 

It's a wonderful world, isn't it?  



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