The Hydrangea Hippies N Rose Crazies

Posted by Lakshmi

15 April 2010

It's either roses, roses and more roses or hydrangeas, hydrangeas and more hydrangeas.  Most of my decorative painting  friends and customers love to surround themselves with either roses or hydrangeas.  It sure beats the lights out of  me. ... or  maybe I'm missing something ?.  Yup !  I sure am.

Over the last 10 days, I was full time into painting these flowers  over all kinds of  kitchen utensils  and garden items.  Now, I can chat  over  the phone, watch TV and at the same time  continue to paint them .................simultaneously.................... now,   how's that for efficiency  ? !!!  There are several more painted ones... but . I think the above 3 pictures are sufficient  proof.........

The last picture shown above  has Jo Sonja's Claret  Rose Basecoat  as a background   colour,  The border was trimmed with gold which I thought  it the most attractive in terms of colour contrast..... . My student, Shanti,  was so mesmerised by the hydrangeas that she promptly  dedicated it to her husband, Sreeramalu.  Shanti now wants to do the same for her two daughters  too ..

What  more can I say ?

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