Sue oh Sue

Posted by Lakshmi

29 April 2010

This is Sue, of  Teratak Antique, who came for class and did her project on a  daffodil yellow tissue box. 

Sue's quite photogenic, I must say, and this is just on my first camera shot, without fidgeting with the camera's numerous functions.

Notice the white basket on the background ?  She bought it at one of the car boot sale in Shah Alam and had it painted.  Looks  good and very country...... Way to go Sue !

Sue was quite happy with her work and of course, she took back lots of practise sheets to work on. .... ......  for I told her simply and truthfully that the key to happy (rose) painting is practice, practice and more practice. ......

Happy painting and  practicing , Sue  ! 

2 Responses to Sue oh Sue

  1. Teratakantik


    kekekekekeee my photo is there huaaaaaa
    tq mrs you the one that willing to teach me ..alamak my face look ugly lerrr ...anyway ..thanks a lot .

  2. Country Arts

    Haiyo Sue

    I cakap u cantik, u cakap u ugly, macam mana ni?!!

    More importantly, u show interest and willingness to learn. Thats more important kan?


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